Crisis Management

Planning for a crisis is not if, but when.

It is essential that all international companies and organisations have an effective crisis management plan in place to protect themselves and their employees.

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation deals with major events that threaten to harm their organisation, its personnel or associated links. Unlike risk management where we assess potential threats and look for the best ways to avoid and minimise those threats. Our crisis management procedures deals with threats before during and after they have occurred. It is important to look at all potential threats, to identify, assess, understand and cope with a serious situation from original assessment through the incident start point to its conclusion at recovery phase.

Ark provide crisis management teams to work alongside all levels within organisations to formulate effective crisis planning. The type of areas that an effective plan should include are: natural disaster planning, technological crisis planning, confrontation, malevolence, workplace violence, organisational misdeeds, rumour attacks, man made disasters and terrorist attacks. 

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