G.24 – Ark global protection policy.

G.24 is your twenty four hour dedicated protection response team. These policies have been designed for high net worth individuals, corporations, and family members. Our packages of protection provide you, your family and your staff with an immediate call out response service that is backed up by a global network of professionals in all countries and regions.

Ark risk management utilise security professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds within G.24, most from within a special forces (SAS), specialist police and government organisations. As the world becomes an ever more dangerous place to work and live in, you will have the peace of mind that G.24 is looking over your most precious assets all day, every day, no matter where in the world they are.

Global 24 offer a variety of membership packages which can be tailor made to your bespoke circumstances. All packages revolve around our 24/7 secure operations room from where we are able to provide immediate response to various types of incident on a global scale. The type of client incidents that can occur can be very diverse, however below is an selection of some of the more common ones.

  • Civil unrest: This is now becoming very common across the globe. We saw the Arab spring of 2011 spread like fire across the region and in many ways this “fire” is still burning. Often staff members or travelling families can get caught up in these often bloody and spontaneous events. How will you get out, whats your extraction plan, where are your safe houses, who can you trust ! These are all necessary questions to ask before going on any trip. G.24 has the answers.
  • Natural disaster: Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and epidemics can strike at any time or anywhere. How will you escape, what about medical extraction, do you have any? G.24 provides the services needed at times of high stress
  • Local criminality: This problem is also on the increase as the “rich man – poor man” global imbalance gets worse around the world. In every country, in every city you are a potential target for the local criminals who will often profile high net worth individuals, families as well as business people. They will use street robbery, snatch and grabs, assaults, express kidnaps, honeytraps and cyber technology to get your money or positions. Unfortunately many of these type of cases can lead to victims being raped or seriously injured. G.24 is at the end of a phone or your panic alarm ready to assist.
  • Legal issues: It is a potential problem facing us all on our travels, through no fault of our own; a car crash, an argument in a restaurant or bar, perhaps even a visa or border control issue, how would you deal with this, what about the problems of a language barrier. G.24 has legal representatives in all countries and we will arrange for all necessary translation services throughout your ordeal.
  • Potential Kidnap: K&R (kidnap and Ransom) is a rapidly growing problem across all countries. There are many reasons for this, most of them but not all finically motivated. Should a member of your team or your family be in a potential kidnap scenario G.24 is there to advise assist and track your every move.

There are hundreds of other examples of why you need G.24 from a medical emergency, an intruder alert through to a fire in a hotel or building. We provide the confidence and knowledge to be able to live your life in as normal a way as possible with a protective cover shadowing you all day, every day.

Global 24 provides you with the bespoke components you need to build your own protective package, unique for you and your family or staff. Non intrusive tracking with panic alarm, medical extraction service, travel tracker text service, training and pre-bookable local protection are all part of our large array of client services.

Contact G.24 today for more information and a quotation. Your safety is only a phone call away.


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