Life through a lens.

Ark has a long history of working alongside many of the biggest media organisations across the globe, in some of the most dangerous conflicts and locations that have arisen over the last ten years.

We provide the media industry with the risk management tools to ensure the field teams role of newsgathering is achievable within the constraints of a hostile or challenging environment.

Unlike many of our corporate clients with whom we set up risk mitigation procedures to avoid areas of conflict and unrest, the media teams have a need to be going towards the problem.

If we as the risk management team restrict their movements too much, their ultimate goal of capturing the current situation through the lens will not be achieved. Ark have a full understanding of how the media work, what they need to achieve and most importantly how we can facilitate this by controlled risk management procedures.

Our ground consultants used for media tasks are selected individuals who have a full understanding of working with frontline newsgathering teams from various organisations. Ark also offers a full package of training solutions for media with our range of Media Training Courses 

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