The training arm of ARK Risk Management Group, is provided by our dedicated training company Ark PTG.

Please visit our training website to view all current and bespoke courses.

Ark Professional Training Group

Ark Professional Training Group – Quality through Experience

Ark PTG offer a range of tailor made training packages for clients and operators across the security risk management industry.

Based in Hampshire UK, we provide bespoke solutions for the following areas:

  • Medical training from basic first aid to remote trauma medic.
  • Driver training both on road and off road.
  • Hostile awareness training packages.
  • Close protection courses
  • Adventure bike security awareness.
  • Overland expedition security awareness
  • Surveillance operator course
  • Media hostile training
  • Media operator course
  • H2H operator
  • Safe traveller

Ark PTG provides clients with the training solutions that they need, not what they are told to have. We believe that each client requires a unique tailor made training package, designed specifically for them, not just another off the shelf “one size fits all” approach.

Preparing you for the real world – Ark PTG


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