What we do

The world is a more dangerous place now than it’s ever been before.

Ark RMG is a privately owned independent bespoke provider of risk management solutions, which focus on security in challenging locations and environments.

Based in London we have a global footprint to offer our clients a full operational support structure. This allows them to function at maximum capacity, within the restraining parameters, that can often be encountered whilst working in challenging areas and regions.

The Ark ethos is simply to provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve their specific aims by working with us throughout the whole process.

Our support structure to our clients in varied and challenging sectors with diverse operational requirements is a full package of risk management procedures. Ranging from strategic analysis, expert investigations, consultancy management, crisis management to on the ground logistical support and protection.

Our bespoke outlook is the key to allowing our clients full operational flexibility within a well planned and executed risk management strategy.

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